What To Look When Buying Your First Car? Wait to buy your First car? Wow, what a big leap! Tired of using Public transport? Tired of waiting for cabs? Yes, the number of reasons must be endless for you. Still buying the First Car of your life is not as easy as walking to the Dealership and getting one without any issues. Due to this our team at SellQuick.lk will list all the details and research you must do when buying your first car!

Brand New Car Or Used?

One of the biggest points of thoughts when Buying the first car is to whether to buy one Brand New or a car from the Used Market. Yes, our research has Actually shown that fellow Sri Lankans actually does a lot of thinking on this matter. Is it just to Smell the new Fabric of the seats of a brand new car?

Yes, we do not recommend buying a Brand New Car as your First Car. We do agree that buying a new car to show off to your friends is cool but when coming back to reality Buying a Brand New car is the worst Investment of your hard earned money when buying your FIRST CAR.

This is because Brand New car Depreciate a lot as time passes. The Brand new vehicle that you buy today cannot be sold for the same Price a year or two later. There are many other costs you would have to undergo when buying a vehicle Brand New such as: Registration Costs ETC.

Buying a Used car on the other hand has a bit more Financial Sense. Used Cars have already undergone depreciation where it has lost majority of it’s value and is in such an affordable price. Used cars also have been run in, serviced and inspected.

DISCLAIMER: This Method Of Analysis Cannot Be Applied On Special Edition Vehicles.

What Type Of Vehicle Contains The Most Risk?

Yes we do admit that buying a Brand New Vehicle is Less risky than buying a Used Vehicle. It all comes to the way you Inspect the vehicle your about to purchase. You can always go the parent company of the Vehicle your about to buy and get it Inspected to check for any faults of the Vehicle. If there is non Happy Purchasing Of Your New Vehicle!

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