Doing a test drive before you purchase a used vehicle is Essential! The seller always wants you to give him a pile of cash and leave with his car. Therefore it is Essential to know how to test drive a used car.

Note: This Guide is to only explain what to look for when Test driving a car you want to purchase. Go to our guide on What to look when buying a used car to learn exactly how to do so.

1. Be a Serious Buyer

First thing First: Make sure you are a serious buyer before you request the seller for a test drive in their car. Do not waste anyone’s time by test driving the car while not being a serious buyer.

2. Check if the car is cold

At the beginning of the test drive always check if the car is cold. Engine misses, knocks etc will be reduced to almost non if the engine is cold. Thus always Check for the temperature gauge when starting a test drive.

2. Hard acceleration test

When on the wheel, make sure to start off with a hard acceleration. Make sure to mute the sound system when you do as some sellers try to keep it increased just to hide a fault.

Notice whether the car shifts gears smoothly and without any hassle when accelerating. Also check whether the car delivers enough power for a good accelertion.

Listen to any unnecessary sounds. If the car is too loud from the exhaust (without any modifications to it) and if the car does not give you the acceleration it should it might have an exhaust leak. Make sure you notice any sound as it might become a costly repair if you don’t.

3. Normal Cruising

Cruise in the car at normal speeds and check if the car has any knocks or sounds from the suspension. When the road ahead is free, let go of your hands off the steering wheel for a couple of seconds and check if the steering wheel will not turn by itself.

If the wheel turns on it’s own that might be due to issues with the alignment, tire pressure, wrong wheels etc.

4. Hard Braking

When the road is Free, build up some speed and brake hard. Check if the brakes do a perfect job on Slowing down the car. If the car SHOULD have ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) note whether you feel a shudder on the break pedal when you brake hard. If you do get it then the cars ABS is working perfectly.

5. Turning

Do full turns when driving the car. Look out for any whining or clicking sounds when doing so. Whining will be due to the steering pump and clicking due to a bad bearing.

6. Be Respectful To The Owner Of The Car

When doing Hard Accelerations or Braking always make sure you notify the owner of the vehicle as they might be frightened.

This is how to test drive a used car. Comment Below and share your personal experiences of Test Driving A Used Car.

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