Eco friendly Scenic Property for sale at Nawalapitiya (2 plots)

• 130.76 perches

• Located on the main road (Nawalapitiya – Ginigathena Road)

• 2 entrances to the property from the main road.

• Easy access to public transport.

• It is a perfect place located in one of the most prestigious and peaceful areas of Nawalapitiya, with all the major location of Nawalapitiya within close proximity to (within 2 km),. International & Local Schools. General & Private hospitals. Church, Mosque, Kovil & Buddhist Temple. Food City / Super markets. Sports Complex / Jayathilake Sports Club. Government offices, Railway Station, Magistrate’s Courts, Cinemas, Post office, Police Station, Urban Council, Private & State Banks, etc…

• 2 houses

• coconut trees, Robusta and Arabica coffee plants and other plantations.

• Beautiful view of natural scenery (Such as Mountains, hills etc…) & Wild animals such as barking deers, Porcupines etc…

• Can also use for business such as hotels, coffee shops, tourism, International schools, yoga retreats etc…

The Land is situated at Meepitiya- Nawalapitiya in the District of Kandy Central Province. The Property is approached from Nawalapitiya Town along Hatton – Ginigathena Road up to about 1 ½ km from Nawalapitiya town and the property is situated fronting the main road, on the right hand side.

The plantation is mainly coconut and coffee with a variety of other plantations described below.

• Coconut trees

• Coffee Bushes – Robusta & Arabica

• Plantain trees

• Pepper Creepers

• Mango Tree

• Guava Trees

• Jack Tree

• Bamboo Trees

• Grape Fruit Tree (Pomelo)


1st. Cottage (Main House) – 2797 Sq. ft.Floor: Cemented & Tiled Condition:

Semi Modern Type in good State

Conveniences: Electricity, Water Service,

Accommodation: 5 Bedrooms, dining room, TV room, Living room, 2 attached bathrooms,Pantry kitchen, Servants’ kitchen with pantry cupboards and old fashion fire place, an attic & Garage for 3 vehicles. Separate servant’s toilet & bath room.This building has a concrete sunshade all around.

2nd. Cottage – 916 Sq. ft.Floor: Cemented Condition:

Semi Modern Type in good state.

Convenience: Electricity, Water Service

Accommodation: 2 Bedrooms, Dining room, Living room, Kitchen, attached bathroom, separate servants’ room & washroom.

This building is situated behind the first cottage and a short walk, behind the first building.

This place is fantastic as you get to be just a couple of minutes away from all of the major and important locations of Nawalapitiya, yet enjoy the peaceful and serene environment. Safety and security is guaranteed as it is one of the most highly residential neighborhoods’ in Nawalapitiya where you can freely walk around the area.